On Shepheard Epstein Hunter...

Libraries and Learning Resources
Brian Edwards, March 2009

Pilot Social Housing Project: Shepheard Epstein Hunter
Martin Spring, May 2012

Building: A Fresh Twist on a Modern Classic: UEA Library extension
Martin Spring - November 2005 Building 2005 - issue 45, November 2005

Urbane sprawl: the pursuit of the perfect habitat
Peter Sandy - Times Higher Education Supplement, March 1999

Architecture Today 163: Literary Connections: Shepheard Epstein Hunter at UEA
Catherine Croft November 2005 AT163, November 2005

Brick Bulletin: The space age is over: use of materials at Stonebridge
Summer 2005 Building 2005 / 45, July 2005

The Rebuilding of Stonebridge - how the community was kept intact during the regeneration process
Urban Design Quarterly – Summer 2004, July 2004

Community Rennaisance: Shepheard Epstein Hunter rethinking urban housing
Architecture Today 147: Hugo Hinsley - April 2004 AT147, April 2004

Landscape Design Trust Monographs No.4: Peter Shepheard
edited by Annabel Downs - 2004, January 2004

Architecture Today Handbook: Kings Avenue School Lambeth
October 2003 AT Hbk, October 2003

Building: Bright Sparks: Kings Avenue School
Martin Spring - April 2002 Building 2002 / 14, April 2002

Architects Journal: Bridging the Divide: Stonebridge Estate
Kenneth Powell - 16 November 2000, November 2000

Architects Journal: Lighting up time in Soho: Broadwick Studios
Deborah Singmaster - July 1999, July 1999

Building Design: Command module: a modular design to housing at Stonebridge
Gareth Gardner - July 1999, July 1999

Architecture Today 96: Regeneration - estate of the art
: Shepheard Epstein Hunter in Brent, March 1999 AT 96, March 1999

Architecture Today 77: Clement House, London School of Economics (LSE): A Beaux Arts showpiece on London's Aldwych by JJ Burnet has been given a new lease of life
Nicholas Ray - April 1997 AT 77, April 1997

Architecture Today 42: Estate of the Art: Bristol Horfield Estate
Thom Gorst - October 1993, October 1993

Shepheard Epstein Hunter on...

SCALA: Nick Hufton on Modern Methods of Construction
Nick Hufton, July 2012

Carbon-Light Homes: Nick Hufton on Wilmott Dixon's low cost, low carbon model houses
Nick Hufton Eco Tech 27 magazine, November 2011

Lanchester Library by Short and Associates
Steven Pidwill, February 2001

Getting the Measure: Nick Hufton on the fourth Velux Daylight Symposium in Lausanne
Nick Hufton - EcoTech magazine 26, June 2011

CABE: New from old - transforming secondary schools through refurbishment
Steven Pidwill, March 2009

AT190 John McAslan and Partners: University Place Manchester
Steven Pidwill, July 2008

Architecture Today 199: Changing Perceptions: Greenhill Jenner in Barking
Steven Pidwill - June 2009 AT199, June 2009

RIBA Good Practice Guide:Painless Financial Management
Brian Pinder-Ayres – February 2008, February 2008

21 Century Schools Vol 3:1 Feb 2008: Re-imagining Primary Sport
Steven Pidwill, February 2008

Architecture Today 166: Classical revival: Brady Mallalieu's Clapton Portico
Steven Pidwill Architecture Today 166, March 2006

Architecture Today 162: Interactive Learning: BDP's Cambridge education faculty
Steven Pidwill - October 2005 AT162, October 2005

Architecture Today 153: Live and learn: Feilden Clegg Bradley at UCL
Steven Pidwill - November 2004 AT153, November 2004

: Book reviews by Danna Walker, Leigh Bullimore, Jason Rivers, Nick Hufton, Samir Khatri, Charles Dokk-Olsen, Naveeta Brar, October 2003 ecotech 2, October 2003

Architecture Today 139: Future proof: Bennetts Associates Cass Business School, City University
Steven Pidwill - June 2003 AT139, June 2003

Architecture Today 128:BDP's Hampden Gurney School
Alain Head - May 2002 AT128, May 2002

Architecture Today 125: Learning with louvres: van Heyningen and Haward's Bedford university library
Steven Pidwill - February 2002 AT125, February 2002

Architecture Today 115: Deep heat: Lanchester library by Short and Associates
Steven Pidwill - February 2001 AT115, February 2001

Eco Tech - Towards the sustainable home: review of sustainable housing projects
Steven Pidwill - March 2000 ecotech, March 2000