At the heart of our approach to design is our concern for the environmental impact of what we do.

We are one of the first architectural practices to have achieved independent certification against the International Standard ISO 14001 for our Environmental Management System, which is integrated with our Quality Assurance System (also certified, against ISO 9001).

We use our system and experience to prepare a draft sustainability strategy and checklist for each project at the outset, which proposes relevant options for sustainable design and use of sustainable technologies, which we discuss with our client (and the end users of the building, wherever possible).

We then develop and monitor the strategy as we progress through the stages of the project, and encourage post-occupation evaluation, ‘soft landings’ and monitoring through the early years of the building being in use.

Each environmental strategy is therefore derived from:

  • our client’s environmental objectives and experience
  • the end users’ environmental objectives and experience, where possible
  • our experience and guidance
  • environmental assessment systems, where applied, such as BREEAM