'Our brilliant architects Shepheard Epstein Hunter worked closely with us on the brief and developed an excellent design which has created beautiful and functional spaces in what was the somewhat constrained edge of the campus; with various level changes and connections between new and old buildings to contend with. We made every effort to be good clients by sticking to our aims, making timely decisions and avoiding changing our minds. The way SEH listened to us and responded to the challenges of the site was really exemplary'

Newham Sixth Form College (NewVIc — VI as in 6 for Sixth Form) has completed the first phase of a comprehensive re-development of its campus at Prince Regent Lane, in Plaistow, Newham, London. The College is one of the largest sixth form establishments in the UK and is the largest in London with approximately 2,700 FTE students and 230 FTE staff.

Phase 1 provides some 2,800 m2 of new floor space and consist of a new library, student services facility and entrance block at the front of the campus, improving the visibility, accessibility and overall attractiveness of the College.

New VIc already has a strong positive academic reputation — and the Prince Regent Lane site conveys the sense of an exciting, diverse learning community to anyone walking through the door. This project helps to ensure that the College’s reputation is secured for the future by its physical resources. .

Eddie Playfair, Principal of New VIc: Design for Learning

Newham Recorder