Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust has published its emerging masterplan, which we prepared, for the future of the Warneford Hospital site, as a first step in consultation with stakeholders. The proposals have been developed jointly by the Trust and the University of Oxford and put forward a vision of how the site can best provide the highest quality care and research over the next 10- 50 years. Warneford Hospital was named in 1843 in memory of Samuel Wilson Warneford whose significant donations enabled the opening of the buildings in Headington in 1826. In ten years’ time there will have been a hospital on the site serving the needs of local people with mental health issues for 200 years. The original buildings, and some of the more recent ones, will soon not serve the needs of patients and researchers adequately. The masterplan is, at this stage, illustrative, and these plans are intended to enable the many stakeholders associated with the site to consider and discuss how best to ensure the site is able to achieve its full potential to benefit mental health and dementia treatments in coming years. Please see Professor John Geddes talking about creating a "global powerhouse" of clinical research and treatment facilities for mental health conditions here and the Trust's series of short films explaining the project here and a fly-over animation here.