This is a new library created in the shell of a former Blockbusters' video store on a busy shopping street at the heart of Edmonton in London.

The remodelled shop sets out to achieve a more relaxed, friendly atmosphere than is sometimes the case with traditional library design, so that people who would not normally consider using a library or reading books feel entirely comfortable about walking in and browsing what's on offer.

A curved glass community room allows people to work together or just to focus on homework or research in a quieter atmosphere, while still maintaining a visual link with the rest of the room.

Offices, staff areas and toilets are located at the back of the plan.

The library offers facilities for DVDs, CDs, listening posts, audio books, internet access, teenage areas, PC games, under 5 storytimes, toy library, homework club (for 8 to 16 year olds), Baby Rhyme times and family storytimes.