At the end of the first phase of the transformation of Stonebridge estate in Brent we prepared this show-house for Phase 1 so that residents moving in from the 1970s buildings could see how different their new homes would be. 

The project evolved into a mixture of show house and exhibition.

We all dream about our ideal home. How it should look and feel. The concept of home has no single meaning. A home is never just only a container for things but a recipient of memories and hopes, a true reflection of our identities.  

Our homes tell how we perceive ourselves, our past and future.

This exhibition explored what ‘home’ meant to people in Stonebridge, and reflected the multitude of experiences of the people of Stonebridge, their memories, emotions and aspirations. 

To do this we interviewed residents aged 5 to 81 years old.  Their responses were then incorporated in each of the rooms.

‘home’ was furnished with objects, fabrics and furniture from the 1950s to the present day - the period from when the original local Victorian housing was demolished, through to the 1960's and 70's when the estate was conceived and built.