We were appointed by the University of Leicester to prepare an appraisal or mini-masterplan of the Bennett Building which could be used to guide future refurbishment and reconfiguration.

The Bennett Building is occupied by two departments, Geography and Geology, and plays a particularly significant role in UCAS open days, and in forming the reputation of the University in the minds of visitors. It was designed by Leslie Martin and built in 1965, and had not been comprehensively refurbished during its lifetime.

We recommended that much higher quality displays within the building could exploit the highly attractive geographical and geological images which were readily available. These are informative and educational, but would simultaneously work in the same way as good abstract art in their relationship to the building.

These proposals were put into place as part of the refurbishment works to the entrance space. The main entrance was reconfigured to create a pleasant, light and airy reception space. Some circulation areas were also improved, with existing samples and photographic images from both departments used to create abstract art.

‘The foyer looks absolutely stunning and actually much better in reality than your initial designs. Many thanks for your vision, enthusiasm and dedication to the project.’

Bill Hickin
Department of Geography
Head of Computing and Technical Services

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This project was chosen to feature in the RIBA HEDQF's Small Budget Big Impact Exhibition 2011, see brochure here.